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If you’re searching for Cannabis Consultant Services, you’ve come to the right place.

Our team is a diverse group of industry professionals with experience across all aspects of the cannabis landscape. We provide our clients with both turn-key and one-off solutions based on their needs and goals. Below you will find examples of just some of the services and solutions we provide to our clients and partners. Learn more about our team’s specializations below.


Our team can provide assistance and oversight for most types of license applications including: standard cultivation, standard processing, micro cultivation, processing, nursery, medical sales and industrial hemp.

Our team has been involved with the design of some of Canada’s largest and most efficient cannabis production facilities. With experience in indoor, greenhouse and outdoor production we ensure our clients utilize the right mechanisms for growth based on their vision.
ErieRest was founded by medical cannabis growers and horticultural experts. Our glory days were days spent in the trenches, fixing broken lines and sprinkler heads. We understand how to design and build effective and efficient irrigation systems that will help you minimize nutrient usage and maximize yields.
Our team has experience working with many different types of lighting sources including HPS, MH, LED, CMH, Fluorescent, Infrared and UV. We work directly with cultivators to design some of the most efficient and productive lighting systems in the world. Based on the application, we work with a number of partners that offer tried and tested equipment to suit your needs.
ErieRest has partnered exclusively with Cotyleden, a late stages Health Canada nursery applicant, to provide our clients and partners with access to some of the most unique genetics that will be available to the Canadian market.
Our team has conducted and been involved with countless research and development initiatives for cannabis producers and researchers both in Canada and internationally.
One of the most important aspects of your facility is your HVAC system. Cannabis cultivation requires a unique HVAC design approach that most engineers and HVAC companies are not used to. We bridge the gap between the client, engineer and HVAC installer to make sure all parties fully understand the HVAC needs of your facility and nothing is missed during the design phase.
With a background rooted in commercial horticulture, our team was designing plant specific nutrition programs when most were still growing cannabis in their basement. With a heavy emphasis on analysis and data collection we work with cultivators to design and implement strain specific nutrient programs that minimize water & fertilizer consumption while maximizing plant health and yield.
All Cannabis producers have to deal with odor and waste. Our team works with producers to design efficient odor control systems and sustainable waste management solutions based on our clients needs.
One of the most significant costs of any cannabis production facility is labour. We work with our clients to implement automated solutions for your facility to reduce labour inputs and maximize efficiencies. These solutions include automated environmental controls that drastically reduce the risk of crop loss and allow our clients to dial in their growing environments.
We work directly with cultivation teams and technicians to design and implement IPM programs and solutions. Plant scouting training, pest identification and biological control programs are just a few of the ways we can help you ensure your plants stay green and clean.
Want to open up your brand to new markets both domestically and internationally? We help our clients secure Import/Export permits and licenses to help move products into the markets of their choice. For producers looking to expand their sales channels, we also offer GMP certification assistance and consulting.

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