Canadian Cannabis companies having legal troubles in the USA

Each producer is accused of misleading investors or failing to disclose certain problems with their businesses Some of Canada's biggest cannabis producers are facing proposed class-action lawsuits in the United States after investors were hit with steep financial losses in the stock market. At least nine U.S. law firms are pursuing cases against Canopy [...]

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High demand: Ontario’s online Cannabis 2.0 products sell out fast

More than 2,000 people placed orders within the first hour that cannabis-infused edibles and vape products became available for sale on the Ontario Cannabis Store’s website, a spokesperson told BNN Bloomberg. Beginning Thursday at 9 a.m. ET, the website listed 50 vape products and 21 pot-infused gummies for sale, a slight increase from the number [...]

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Legacy to legal: Is there a legal equivalent to legacy strains consumers have known and loved?

Remember the first time you tasted a Honeycrisp apple? It was a sudden and glorious change from the mealy, waxy apples of the past and its introduction would go on to elevate apples to a whole new level in grocery stores, eventually becoming quite expensive. Today, the produce section is full of Honeycrisp’s [...]

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