It is officially announced that as of December 8th, 2018, 10322555 Canada Incorporated has sold the rights to the CannaThrive trade name and will be re-branding under the name of ErieRest.

Under the terms of the agreement, 10322555 Canada Incorporated will release all rights to the tradename CannaThrive in return for an undisclosed financial sum.

President and CFO Ryan Kelly warmly addressed the situation in regards to the company’s recent name change. “We put considerable efforts into building the CannaThrive brand and protecting our intellectual property. We have accepted an offer to sell the rights of the CannaThrive trade name to another owner. It’s important for our clients, patients, affiliates and for the public to know that CannaThrive as a brand will still exist, but please note that it is no longer affiliated with our company.”

Ryan went on, briefly saying the company will continue to provide exceptional care for their Patients, Clients and Investors.

“We are committed to our patients, clients and investors and are looking forward to providing them with the same high-quality experience that we have always offered. We are definitely looking forward to what the future brings.”

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