Your Global Cannabis Consulting Firm ErieRest provides unique solutions to help you navigate the cannabis marketplace

Who We Are

ErieRest is a global cannabis consultancy firm that provides unique solutions to applicants and existing license holders in the cannabis space.

With active projects in many different countries and emerging cannabis markets, we understand what is required to operate a compliant, efficient and profitable cannabis business. We work directly with our team of trusted partners and advisors to offer our clients turn-key solutions that save time, money and maximize profit.

What We Do

Our team is a diverse group of industry professionals with experience across all aspects of the cannabis landscape.
Learn more about our team’s specializations below.

Licensing Assistance

Providing assistance and oversight with most types of cannabis related license applications for a variety of different industries (including medical and commercial).

Facility Design

We have been involved with the growth of some of Canada’s largest production facilities. Offering expertise in indoor, greenhouse and outdoor production.

Irrigation Design & Installation

Our horticulture specialists have years of experience in the field designing and maintaining irrigation systems that help maximize yields.

Lighting Design & Installation

Created to suit your needs sourcing quality equipment by using a variety of systems including: HPS, MH, LED, CMH, Fluorescent, Infrared and UV.

Genetic Acquisition

Exclusive partner with Cotyleden. Offering our clients some of the most unique and genetically diverse cannabis solutions available in the Canadian market.

Research & Development

We have been involved with countless research and development initiatives for cannabis producers and researchers both in Canada and internationally.

HVAC Design and Installation

One of the most important aspects of your facility is the specific HVAC requirements. We work with your HVAC team to help them understand your unique needs.

Plant Nutrition Programs & Training

Let our background and knowledge in commercial horticulture work for your cultivation needs by letting us design nutrient programs that maximize plant health & yield.

Odor Control & Waste Management

All Cannabis producers have to deal with odor & waste. We offer sustainable and efficient odor and waste management solutions based on the unique needs of our client.

Automation & Environmental Controls

Automated solutions for your facility help dramatically reduce the risk of crop loss and minimize labour costs while maximizing efficiencies.

Integrated Pest Management Programs & Training

IPM including plant scouting, training, pest identification and biological control programs are just a few of the ways we can help you ensure your plants stay green & clean.

Import/Export Regulatory Services

Importing & exporting products across Canada & worldwide requires permits & licenses. We can assist you with your move into the market of your choice.

Consulting Services

Medical Cannabis

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“We have enjoyed working with the team at ErieRest on numerous projects in Canada and the USA. I have found them to be very knowledgeable on grow related matters and very professional in every endeavor we have been engaged with them on.”

C.R. Gentry, Amcor Management Group

“Ryan met with me on 3 different occasions during my application process for my medical document. He was amazing to work with and I couldn’t of appreciated the help more. I really want to encourage the older crowd to give these guys a call. They truly care about you and your problems.”

Gerald S., Patient

“What an amazing experience and Ryan was top notch amazing and I look forward to my PRESCRIPTION to a healthier life beyond 45… Thank you ErieRest!”

Manon Myers, Patient

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